About Saxophone Quartet Music

Saxophone Quartet Music: Where is it now?

Thank you for your interest in my music! Regretfully, I am no longer selling quartet and big band music through this website, however, if you have any  inquires about obtaining my scores, please contact Gary Lindsay at glindsay@miami.edu.

I love Saxophone Quartet music! Do you offer music by other composers?

The titles sold in this site are from the Miami Saxophone Quartet Library and include selected compositions by Gary Lindsay. Arrangements of other composers are not for sale due to copyright restrictions. For music by Ed Calle visit his online store at:  http://www.edcalle.com.

Important Info About Shipping

Jazz Arranging Techniques: How much is the shipping cost to receive copies of the book?

Shipping cost is determined by your location and the number of books being ordered. I mail through the USPS in the Priority Mail format, which is the cheapest and quickest way to receive books. The largest box available through this system will accommodate 9 books, so the number of books per single order is limited to 9. See below for most economical box sizes depending on the # of books ordered.

For example, to order 14 books, add the book and set the quantity to 9 (large USPS box). To order the remaining 5 books you’re interested in, please create another order, which will be fulfilled on a medium USPS box.

United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Puerto Rico

1 Book – Envelope = $5.95
2-5 Books – Medium box = $12.40
6-9 Books – Large box = $17.05

International (Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America)

1 Book – Envelope = $22.75
2-5 Books – Medium box = $43.95
6-9 Books – Large box = $56.95

For orders of large quantities, please contact Gary Lindsay directly at glindsay@miami.edu.

SHIPPING UPDATE: Why are prices and price tiers different now?

As you might understand, postal rates change over time. As it happens, they had change a little over a year ago, and we have now changed our shipping cost to reflect these variations. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Saxophone Quartet Music: How much is the shipping cost for the Saxophone Quartet music?

Shipping cost is determined by your location and the number of charts being ordered. Please see the table below to estimate how much your shipping cost will be.

United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Puerto Rico

1 Chart = $6.95
Each additional = Add $3.00

Canada Only

1 Chart = $19.95
Each additional = Add $3.00

Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America

1 Chart = $23.95
Each additional = Add $5.00

For example: if you are located in the U.S. and  order 3 titles, the total shipping cost would be: $5.95 + $3.00 + $3.00 = $11.95

I made an order with Jazz Arranging Techniques, as well as Saxophone Quartet Music and did not receive one of them! What happened?

The shipping for Jazz Arranging Techniques and Saxophone Quartet Music is handled separately. Please be aware that on mixed orders, Saxophone Quartet Music and Jazz Arranging Techniques will ship separately, and you could receive them in separate shipments.